Barry & Lou

We love weddings, who doesn’t? They restore everyones faith in love. Even the stoniest of hearts would find it almost impossible not to get caught up in the beauty of watching two people affirm their love to one another. Through photography you can remember a moment of time forever, and there is not many other moments in your life that will rival the memories of your wedding day.

Our documentary, photojournalistic style means we capture the day as it happens, not a series of fabricated images. We want you to spend the day with your friends and family unaware of us. Of course there may be the classic group shot or handful of family photos that you’d like, we know tradition plays a big part in weddings, but this doesn’t define your wedding. It’s the interactions between you both, your guests, and your choices about the day that will make your wedding unique and provide the memories and stories that you will relive time and time again.

As documentary photographers we look to capture these special moments in the most natural, relaxed and unobtrusive way.

We let the day unfold, and take candid, un-staged images looking for those beautiful human moments that are full of emotion and completely real. A photograph of a page boy picking his nose, a bride running through the rain on route to the ceremony, the groom crying when saying his vows, the guests showing off their sexiest and silliest dance moves without any judgement on the dance floor. These are the stories you will tell for years to come.

It is such a great feeling knowing we are creating what will become some of the most treasured pictures you will ever own. Whether your wedding is in a church, in a barn, or on a muddy field it really doesn’t matter to us, we just love all the detail. You put an enormous effort into planning your wedding, and we do the same in documenting them.

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